Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr Heater - BIG BUDDY

I've done some research, off and on for some time, and I even did get to see one up close and personal, and it performed quite well! I researched and hesitated about shelling out the bucks, tried to get an ebay deal, tried several times, could not get a deal that after shipping would beat the retail prices. I decided to break down and shell out the bucks, and our store was out, it took 2 more trips to Rural King before I found them in stock and I had the bucks to shell out. So when I finally did break down and shell out the bucks, I got the 20 lb propane tank, the adapter hose for the 20lb tank, and the heater...I think it was close to $200, after taxes etc..

Check out some of it's features..

The latest evolution in powerful and portable Heat is here!

* Cabins
* Patios/Decks
* Emergency Use - * See Survival Tool!! *

* RV's
* Picnics

* Workshops/Work Site
* Tailgate Parties
* Designed and approved for emergency indoor & outdoor use
* Automatic low oxygen shutoff system
* Accidental tip-over safety shutoff
* Heats up to 400 sq. ft.
* Connects directly to two 1 lb. disposable cylinders or to a 20 lb. cylinder w/optional hose
* CSA certified

This thing on "full throttle" is 18,000 BTUs, heats up to 400 square feet! (example 20x20 room) Well the "survival pod", will only end up being a 12 x 12 room, so this thing should "cook"!! Woohoo! Heat with NO power! It has a fan to blow the heated air out into the room, it works with NO electricity, 4 D cell batteries OR the electric adapter. I still have NOT had a "test" run yet, which I desperately need to do! I am waiting for some "expert" help from my "posse". I think this is one of the most important investments I made so far, I think this will keep us warm and hopefully we'll be able to "survive" the next extended power outage!

Here's a link to Mr Heater's Website:

Here's a link to the Owner's Manual:

I did come across a similar kind of heater made by Dyna-Glo. The Bigger unit for this one is 16,000 BTUs, it is similar in shape and size, and a bit cheaper in price.

DYNA-GLO HEATER RMC-1601SS Tag-A-Long 16000 BTU is the big unit and the smaller unit is RMC-8001SS Tag-A-Long is an 8,000 BTU, I think Home Depot carries them, I'm guessing the item may be a "seasonal" thing. So that's my "arsenal" of survival tools for extended power outages, but there are other items being "constructed" and purchases being considered.

The next projects to add and aid to my "arsenal" are: Windmill Generator, Big, Permanent Solar Collector/Heater (48" x 54", 200 cans!), and a BOB OR BOT (Bug Out Bag/Box or Bug Out Tote)

More to Come..Stay Tuned..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Artic Mummy Sleeping Bags

I got 4 of these off of ebay! They are mummy style sleeping bags and are good to 10 degrees above zero. My plan is, to at least keep the "survival pod" above 10 degrees! The first or second night that we had the bags, my 5 year old boy and I tested out the sleeping bags in our living room floor. During the middle of the night, I woke up sweating! It got hot in there, now I know that we were in a warm house, but I'm hoping that this "test" proved that if and when we need these bags, they will perform as advertised.

I purchased 4, one for each member of the family. I'm 6' 2", and my feet didn't hit the end of the bag, so I had some room someone say 6' 4" would probably just make the "end" of the bag. Also, there's eXtra padding in the chest area, from what I've read this is where the eXtra padding is needed! I think for all 4 of them, including shipping, I paid something $160! I've been checking sporting goods stores, online and in person, and the price I paid was somewhat cheaper than the store price!

Something you should consider for the next long term power outage! The reason we left and went to a motel/hotel, during the ice storm, was the fact the temperature in the house got down to 36 degrees. I think we would've stayed longer if we could've kept warm, just something to think about.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rayo Kerosene Lamp

I purchased this lamp, a long time ago. It performs great, it provides light and heat! I also have an Aladdin lamp, tucked away in the attic. The rayo lights up a room and burns about 1 1/2 hours on one fill. It needs NO Electricity! It has provided us service, several times without a 'hitch'. It works great, it's convenient, it's a prime light source when the power goes out.

Many are still available on ebay. Kerosene Lamps are a essential part of my power outage "tool kit". You should consider one or more for your power outage kit.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Xventure Hand Crank - Lantern, Flashlight, Radio

These are excellent! They use batteries, and can be hand cranked when those batteries die! The lantern has a builtin compass, and a 4 way switch, click once for 4 leds, twice for 8 leds, 3 times for 12 leds, and one more to turn it off! It is very bright, and on a single minute of cranking, you get a fairly long "light" time! The radio works great, it has am/fm/tv/weather bands, the same goes for it, great run time on a small amount of cranking. The Flashlight works great too, very, very bright.

We bought these at Kmart, the flashlight and the radio came in a set, I think the set was $14.99. The Lantern came by itself, and I think it was $14.99. For a little over $30 bucks, I think they are well worth it, and probably have already paid for themselves too!

As time allows, I would suggest investing in your own set of hand crank items, you never know when the time will come when they will come in handy!

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