Monday, March 29, 2010

Rocket Stove Update

I just found some very interesting facts about the rocket stove. I thought I would post them so you could see them also. I know the "power of the rocket stove", but I never knew all the benefits of using the rocket stove.


A. Fuel Efficient -- The heat from campfires is mostly lost as it radiates outward, so that very little of the energy reaches the cooking vessel. With Rocket Stoves, the insulated chamber forces the heat upward instead of outward, so that the heat is directed toward your cooking pot.

B. Hot -- As a result of the efficiency mentioned, Rocket Stoves cook hotter than regular campfires. They have been measured at 1200° F. (that's only 20 degrees short of being able to melt aluminum!). That should boil your water in record time!

C. Fast-Cooking -- Because they are hot and fuel efficient, Rocket Stoves also cook your food faster than regular campfires. In fact, a guy gave his Rocket Stove the acid test on their last Boy Scout campout. He waited as the Scouts got their fire burning, then I pulled out his Rocket Stove and lit it with just one match. He was then done cooking in less than 5 minutes. The Boy Scouts were still struggling with their cook fire and frying pans. Now each boy in the troop wants to have his own Rocket Stove!

D. Safe -- If you should leave your Rocket Stove unattended, the fire will go out within a minute or two.

E. Unlimited Fuel Supply -- During an emergency, fuel will likely be scarce. Not just due to the stores being closed, but firewood may also be in short supply. The advantage of Rocket Stoves is that you can cook a whole meal with just a few small twigs. So, If you are ever in a Katrina-type of situation like some people were recently, you should have an easier time scrounging up some sticks and twigs than trying to find big pieces of firewood. And even if you're lucky enough to have some large pieces of wood, you can make them last longer with a Rocket Stove.

F. Burn Clean -- Since the fuel tray is positioned to allow air to mix thoroughly with the hot gases as they combust, Rocket Stoves produce very little or no smoke once the fire is well-started. You have a minimal effect on air pollution, and very minimal ash! We burned the stove for nearly 2 hours and had only a handful of ash!
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