Sunday, February 20, 2005

ADB to PS2 Adapter

Belkin F1D080 at

This is the coolest gadget since sliced bread!! This thing allows
one to use a KVM Switch with their MAC. This transforms the
native ADB Apples exclusive connections to a PS2 PC connection,
and then this plugs into a KVM Switch!

So I shopped it...and it's average price (RETAIL) was $105 low to
$130 high, plus shipping and handling. HENCE comes in..the power of the WEB, and the power of EBAY! Found it on EBAY, got it for 68$ was in Canada! That $68 included shipping!

Got it in, installed it and it works like a charm! WOW! I love technology! So now I have my Main PC on Channel 4, the MAC is on Channel 3, and soon my LINUX Box will be on Channel 2, and
Channel 1 will be left open for PCs, that I may get in from time to
time to work on.

I love it! Til NEXT Time.

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