Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Carbon Felt Update

Forget about spending $16 for a 9" x 12" piece of carbon felt.  We have hit the motherload!!   After watching some videos, someone gave away their secret, so I'll share it with you and we can all benefit!  Let me tell you, let's change our wording from Carbon Felt (the actual material) to Welding Blanket!  Poof! Welding Blanket are the magic words, you can find 2 kinds (that I'm aware of) of welding blankets, the fiberglass blanket, and the carbon felt blanket.  I've seen the fiberglass blanket at Harbor Freight, it's like a 6' x 8' and is $24.99, the one from Northern Tool, is a 4' x 6' and is $39.99 and jumps up from there.  I prefer the Carbon Felt version, and I get mine from Cyberweld, good product decent price.

Here's the link

You can get a 3' x 3' for $22.95 or the 6' x 6' for $70.50, that should make as many stoves and all the other stuff you'd ever need.  You need a $25 order to get free shipping, they have all kinds of stuff, so you should have no trouble getting to your $25.   Now to be fair, Northern Tool has the carbon felt version, but I couldn't afford it.  Now to be honest, I did NOT buy the 3' x 3' from cyberweld, my wife bought it for me for my birthday!!  (in fact i got 2  - 3'x3' blankets!!)

Carbon Felt is wonderful stuff, I've seen folks use it in their tents to make a fire pit,  I've seen it used for a make shift chimney, and now I'm using it as a protector from my table!  So now I can use my alcohol stoves inside!   This
stuff is so amazing, I've seen a guy take a torch to one side, while he's holding it in his hand, and he feels nothing!  The working temperature of this
stuff is 1800 degrees, and provides protection for up to 3000 degrees!  So think about it, this stuff could be used in a multitude of different situations.

So there you go, the "cat is out of the bag".  Go on over to and get some carbon felt, you'll be glad you did.

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