Monday, June 20, 2005


First let me start off by saying, "WOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!" This is the movie we've been waiting for -- for years!! This is BATMAN!! As He is supposed to be, dark, secretive, daring, noble, and he has symbol weapons! Okay, let me say this, if you plan to see Batman Begins....go see it at the IMAX!!!!! This thing has an 8 story tall screen, it has 12,000 watt sound system!!! We could feel the sound on our chests!!! It is an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!1 The Matinee a mere $7 and the primetime viewing is $10, either it's well, well worth it!! You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! The story was great!! They did miss it just a bit....if you're a BAT fan, you'll know what I mean, when you see'll know it. If you are NOT a Bat fan...first of all Shame on you!, and'll never know the difference!!

I just seen some numbers....BATMAN BEGINS, brought in a mere 46.7 million or so....slamming Mr & Mrs Smith with about half of that with 27.x see BATMAN is GREAT!!! We have word that our star, and co-stars have already signed on for at least 2 more Batman Movies....and they appear to be GREAT also!

But listen to me, if you need the full=movie experience, BATMAN BEGINS and the IMAX, are the Dynamic Duo!! These two offer superb entertainment. It took me almost 24 hours after seeing Batman to come down off of that HIGH! People notice the Experience on our faces, did you see the movie? Oh Yeah! I wondered if perhaps we had the 'face of Moses' when in the Ten Commandments...he had a glow after coming off of the mountain! I didn't any 'good' sleep at all Satruday night, up
until about mid-night I could still feel the 'cringe' on my chest!

BATMAN BEGINS gets a 2 thumbs up, a 10, a must see, a must have, a must!! GO SEE IT! FOR YOURSELF AND THEN YOU CAN CONFIRM EVERYTHING YOU'VE READ HERE!!!

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