Monday, July 08, 2013

Acquired a bunch of Stuff

I have been acquiring, collecting, scavenging odds and ends for some time now.   And my 'shack' is slowly closing in on me, LOL!  I am about to start a quest of putting these items into a video or two and a post or two, because there are so many, that I'm pretty sure it will take more than one.   And now my "NEW" interest is DIY batteries.     I am very interested in the Edison battery, it seems it is the ultimate battery.  If you google Edison Battery, you'll get over 6 million results, and this would take many days, possibly years  to visit everyone, but one has 'stood' out for me.   It has a brief history of the battery, and its performance, and why it "fizzled" out, the reason was too good!

For the detailed description check out the wikipedia entry here:

And the one, that I'm excited about here:

It has plans on how to make your own edison battery!  Of course it starts small, and then let your "thinking" take over and then "jumbo" size it to your application.   I would like to try and see if these would work in a solar application.    I've looked at many videos, sites, tutorials, etc., and believe this is definitely worth a try and experiment.

He also offers small kits to play with, which I am considering purchasing, so I can try it out.   I've learned the hard way, 'always start small and then go big, if small works'.

I will be making a video, on my "experiment" of my diy battery.  I have another recipe that I'm considering, really don't know anything at this point.    What I do know, my car battery short circuited out this weekend, and finally got it replaced, and while at the local Advanced Auto Parts store, the guy there told me that battery costs have increased some 45 to 50% in the last 18 months!

So I'm considering finding an alternative method in starting my car!   And there are some 'worthy' alternatives to the traditional car batteries.   Amazing, all this technology and it's all kept secret.

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