Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I ordered an item from Tigerdirect. I thought I would be smart and setup my Paypal account to be able to use it - instead of my cc.. The thought was good...but that's about it. Come to find out, there's a waiting period for approval. And you must physically send the money to them, via their paypal account. Then you must send an email to them with the transaction ID, and then .....This process went on for 4 days....it would've been alot longer if I had to depend on communication from Tigerdirect! Since I took the initative, not only did I finally found out the paypal was approved and that it was received by Tigerdirect, but I also found out that...paypal payments take 2 to 3 days to process, and upon approval then you are eligible for the item.

Well for me...guess what...since this process took so long...now the item that I wanted...is out of stock!! That will 2 to 3 weeks Mr. Wilcox, and then another5 to 7 days to you. So ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it will be some time in MAY FOR ME TO RECEIVE MY ITEM. OKAY....NEEDLESS TO SAY THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME FOR ME TO USE PAYPAL WITH TIGERDIRECT....AND POSSIBLY THE LAST TIME I BUY ANYTHING FROM TIGERDIRECT. I SAID POSSIBLY...BUT IT'S GOING TO HAVE TO BE A REALLY - REALLY -- GOOD DEAL FOR ME TO EVEN CONSIDER IT.

Til next time........
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