Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rummage Sale Find -- Windup Flashlight/Radio

When I first seen this, I immediately ask the lady, this is on the dollar table. And she said OK!, I thought it was on the wrong table..LOL I think I would've bought it anyway. I was nervous to wind it up right then, because if it worked, I thought that they'd want more for it! I thought to myself, you can go too wrong for a dollar. I got home, and immediately started winding, and the thing works! I did a search for it, and found it, I thought on Amazon, for like $24.99 or so. I just did it again, for this post, so I could get you the link, but now I can't find it anymore? It has 4 bands, AM, FM, FX, Weather. We have listened to the weather reports, more times that I care to count. When bad weather comes (tornado season) sometimes the power will go out, and our local TV weather people will simulcast with our local radio stations, so we listen to the reports via the radio. One thing I haven't done, yet, that I really need to, is to do a test. Crank it for one minute and see how long it lasts on the one minute. I heard of some, that for one minute of cranking you get 20 minutes of radio. This also has the flashlight, three settings, High, Low and Blinking. It also has a siren sound on it, and it's pretty loud. Sometimes, if I pick up the flashlight the wrong way, I hit the siren button thinking it's the power button! Overall, I think I did pretty good on this find. It's hard to be a dollar on anything these days. But this one will serve us well, in time of need. I get light and some decent communications for $1. Til next time, remember we're One Day Closer.
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