Friday, November 26, 2010

Solar Heater Attempt #2


Okay...this is my 2nd attempt to build a solar collector heater.   It's 48" by 51", it has dual 12 volt fans (input and the output ports), 168 cans, a snap disc (thermostat), and using plastic for it's cover.    I really didn't the plastic would work..but it did and it works fine.  First let me say a "Big Thank You" to Mr Rich Allen, his videos, his advice, his inspiration, he has really helped me get this done.    You can see his videos for yourself on his Youtube Channel.   (Rich Allen's Youtube Channel)  Mr Rich Allen is a genius!   And I love watching his videos, he puts his instructions in "stu-proof" laymen's terms!   You folks know, if I can understand it, anyone can!!  Let me say also, I love the way he does his videos...He shows you the finished product and then takes you back to his build process!  I like that alot, so that's the way I tried to do my video also.

This heater took me several weeks to complete, had to wait for "funds", wait for "free" weekends, etc., but as long as I got it done before winter..well we're close!    It turned cold yesterday...we had rain (all day), it turned to sleet for a short while and then turned to all snow.  But this morning, hardly any snow left to see, and it's Black Friday, so many folks are out and about.

So my test results are fairly impressive for me anyways...41 degrees outside and almost 180 degrees coming out of the heater, and then once the fans were turned on, the temp held to 140 for quite sometime.  Also I believe this is about the same kind of temps that I was getting out of the first build! Solar Heater Attempt #1

I still have to figure out how to mount the thing...It needs to be able to be moved any way necessary to get the most sunlight as possible.  I think I misspoke in the video..I think I said that I would try to mount it like Rich Allen's Solar Tracker, which is does need..but it also needs something similar to Rich Allen's Solar Panel Video.   It needs to be able to track the sun and it needs to be easily aimed (hopefully automatically) to direct sunlight!   I hope there's a way to combine those 2 ideas into 1 and make the solar heater track and point to the sun without me being there to do it.

Like I said in the video, I will update again when I figure out what all is needed to get the "heat" to the house.  I want it to be "temporary", I can put it place, hook it up and take it down only for Winter Months, and it also has to be reasonably simple, and effective.  I know those 2 don't always go hand in hand, but one can always hope! LOL

Til Next Time, Remember We're One Day Closer
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