Monday, May 23, 2011

Stu's Super Simple Stove

I came across this stove quite by "accident"! I am still not 100% certain actually how I came across this, but I am really glad I did. This is sooo cool! I was out in the "shack" some time ago, and was just looking at my collection of "stuff" that I had..and that's when it hit me!

WoW...could it be this simple..and work!!?? YEP!

A took a tuna can, found my sink strainer (took out the rubber gasket part) just for kicks..see if it would fit in there..nope. But I "fiddled" with it..and it would friction fit into the top part of the tuna can!! So I took it back apart, but in several cotton balls and then put in some "HEET". I didn't put a whole lot in there, just enough to test with. So then I "lit'er" up! It took a minute or so for the fuel to get going, and then here came the flame!!

It was a strong, good, controlled blue flame! The flame was a nice triangle shape..the top of the flame was about a foot tall! I noticed that the sides of the sink strainer (never knew it before)..had "slits"..not sure what they are used for as a sink strainer, but now these "slits" were acting as air vents! The fuel inside (no holes in the can) was getting enough air to keep a nice blue flame until the fuel ran out!

So I experimented...

I waited for the sink strainer to cool down..took it off and laid it to the side. I wanted to see what kind of flame I would get without the sink strainer. I put some more "heet" in the can, about 2 ounces I think, and relit the stove. WoW..the flame was wouldn't stay in one place, so I guess if I was cooking would take a very long time to get it to cook. So I guess also that if I was trying to boil some water, it would take quite some time to get it come to a boil. After a couple of minutes, I blew out the flame...put the sink strainer back on..and relit. The sink strainer makes all the difference! It acts as a flame spreader. The flame is a perfect triangle and controlled. The flame does still move around some, but it's not a wild blaze like it was without the sink strainer.

Simply Amazing!

OK..I've learned a few things that I will share with you, so you won't have to find out the hard way like I did.

#1. The Sink Strainer needs to have a rolled edge on it. I found out that not all of them do. I did find out that the Tru-Living Brand Sink strainer has the edge you want, available at Dollar General Stores. If you get one and it doesn't have a rolled edge, if you try to fit it into the tuna'll have a hard time of it. I did get one of these, and a friend of mine, John Hall, grinded the edge down for me. (it was just a "tad" too big)

#2. The Sink Strainer will fit into the tuna can, so you can have a stove in a can! LOL

#3. Also, I found out that the reusable cat food can lids will fit over the tuna can. So now you can put the sink strainer, the cotton balls, and seal it up, for ez storage!

#4. My favorite discovery is ...BLUE DIAMOND ALMOND CANS!! These cans have an edge on them! And the sink strainer will "sit" on that edge! No MORE Friction Fitting..also found out that cat food cans have a small edge on them also! The GOOD! This can holds a "ton" of fuel! The BAD! You can't put your sink strainer in the can..the edge makes the strainer too big!

#5. If you can afford it! Carbon Felt works great for a wick! It WILL NOT BURN! I got a 9" x 12" piece of it at LOWES it was like $14.99!! OUCH! I think it's called Flame Resistor? It's in the welding section, used to protect other surfaces during the weld process.
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