Monday, June 05, 2006


I can't's been quite some time since my last post......I've been laid off for 10 weeks, got called back.. Since I've been covering 2 territories...197 dealerships.. Between running and gunning, I was drafted to be our Vacation Bible School Parade COORDINATOR!!! I simply suggested that "in the old days, we had VBS parades all the time"....
The preacher told me..."oh really!...okay..why don't you do that for us?" -- The One time I should've kept my mouth shut....BAM!! -- So needless to say.....we pulled it off! Last Saturday, June 3rd at 10 AM, police escorted, no doubt, we had our VBS parade!!!! A buddy of mine that has a 1924 Dodge Brothers CAR (now parade car) led our parade with our VBS director leading the way, then our FLOAT!! ( WE HAD OUR MOOSE INSIDE A TENT WITH OUR VBS INFORMATION ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE TENT!! PULLED BY A 2 WHEEL TRACTOR!! IT WAS AWESOME!!), then we had our church van decorated with some VBS goodies! and then we had about 20 walkers with balloons and goodies with VBS info, and a popsicle inside!!!

We walked 2.5 miles, through our community, we met some great people, and handed out all of our goodies!! Our prayer is that if just one child comes to VBS, receives GOD's plan of Salvation...and becomes a child of GOD...
IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!! Well as we speak, baby is attending his first VBS!! I can't believe it!

Well it's about time to go get 'em, so til next time!

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