Sunday, May 01, 2005

Soapbox * Central has a New LOOK!

For all of you (the millions and millions LOL) that visit my blog from time to time. I wanted to plug my website, Soapbox * Central, it's visited about as often as this blog is....LOL But that's okay, it's for me anyways...

But I've been trying to learn CSS. I found a template that I really liked. So I thought that would be a good starting place. because I could then look at the code and the final product and hopefully determine what code goes with what is on the final product.

well, I did learn a few things like, how to add a box, how to control the size of the box, and I did learn a little bit of HTML also. So look at my site, Soapbox * Central and tell me what you think. I have only made the CSS change to the front page..for now.

But I'm hoping that in the near future, I can get the whole website to match the theme, colors, text, etc., to make it complete.

I'm still learning, check it out and let me know what you think...

Til Next Time....
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