Sunday, June 01, 2008

Underground Church - UPDATE!!

It's been way to long, since I've posted last. Actually, I've forgotten that I had one! I was doing a search on google for Underground Church Simulation Game, and my blog came up #4!! Of course, the top 3 were our NEW Underground Church Website! Check it out if you get time! We've been busy trying to keep it updated, and trying to add new features often. The Underground Church event in Hopkinsville, back in April 2008, was an incredible time! 18 received SALVATION, over 90 rededicated their hearts/lives unto GOD, and probably more decisions were made that we don't know about. But that's what it is all about! If only 1 person received their SALVATION, IT WOULD BE WORTH IT ALL! You've seen those Mastercard commercials, about how much this and that cost...and then they always some it up with something, some special moment, etc., that is priceless! I will tell you something that is PRICELESS...AND THAT IS ONE MORE THAT RECEIVES THEIR SALVATION BEFORE IT IS EVERLASTING TOO LATE! Until next time...remember We're One Day Closer..........
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