Saturday, November 18, 2006

Underground Church Results

I know...this is long overdue. The reason I know this, is because, some of you have already ask me when are you going to post the results of Underground Church on your blog! So okay, I guess, I've been a little 'lax'... Really have been slowing down, trying to REcover from Underground Church.

We had about 265 people to show up to play U.C.. We also had about 75 workers there, to make the grand ESTIMATED total of 340. We could have had more than 265 there, I thought of 3 churches that I thought would make it that did not. With those 3 churches we could've easily surpassed 300!! Perhaps next year!! YES-- Olive Branch has already agreed to have Underground Church next year!! for some WILD stuff! After we dismissed our U.C. worship service at 10:30PM!!Woohoo!! Ladies and Gentlemen we had CHURCH!! A gentleman came up to me, and ask "Are you Stu Wilcox?"..I said "huh...yes sir?" (I was very nervous, I thought we had a major problem on our hands!) He told me that he really, really enjoyed U.C., he liked every aspect of it! He loved the game part, and he loved the Worship Service! He said..."You folks have really done your homework. You've done an eXcellent job!" I told him that as hard as it is, to get things organized and everyone on the same page, it was all worth it! He said, "I would like to do this in Hopkinsville! Here's my card. Call me the first chance you get." I told him, I'd be glad to.

A couple of days later, I was in Hopkinsville. I called him, and met him at his church. He's pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. We talked about the details, etc., of Underground Church, and he was ready to do it that day!!! Since then, he has booked the Stadium of Champions for April 21st, 2007, already! So I sent him, all the information I had on U. C., even the original idea from Youth Specialites dot com. I sent Chapters 1 through 5, and all the forms that are used to keep things straight. we go again........
We had 12 to receive CHRIST!! We had 1 (not public yet) to answer the call to the Mission Field! And who knows what type of 'seeds' were planted that night! I think I had more fun than anyone, I just love to see people come together to serve GOD in special ways. I think for the volunteers, between all of them, we had some 8 churches represented. That's almost unheard of --- 8 Baptist Churches to come together and do Evangelism.

BTW -- We had another one saved after leaving U.C.!! On the way home, those Muhlenbergers had one saved on the way home!! I hope that -- it was on this side of the bridge!! Ya know, GOD's country!!

Also, there is an interest for U.C. in Dover, TN! So keep praying, and may GOD use U. C. as HE sees fit! Thanks to all of you for all you did! Thank you for coming! Thank you! Thank you!
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