Monday, October 06, 2008

Underground Church Conducted September 27, 2008

We had Underground Church on September 27, 2008 out at Silent Run Baptist Church. We had approximately 350 people actually "play" the game and we had about 50 workers also, for a grand total of 400!! We had a wonderful time!! It wasn't too hot and we had plenty of room to 'roam'. We had about 23 or so churches represented from all over Western Kentucky, and we had one church all the way from Munfordville KY! That is north of Horse Cave, KY, some 2 and 1/2 hours away!!

We had a "special" addition to our UC this year. We had something for those that got arrested and "morgued" to do while they were in there. Brother Lindy Knight conducted a series of mini skits to portray a contrast between how we take for granted the privileges we have in reading our Bibles, attending church, youth group etc., in contrast comparison to some in foreign countries, where some have to hide under their beds at night in order to read GOD's Word!

Bro Neil Kolodey has already affirmed and confirmed that Silent Run will host next year's Underground Church episode, Chapter 4 "New Beginnings!" The date has NOT been set just yet, but will update the website and the blog when that happens!

We already have our Underground Church South Event scheduled for April 25, 2009 at 6PM, at Trinity Baptist Church, in Hopkinsville KY. Please check the website for directions and contact information, Casey Fowler is our UC South Coordinator and Brother Danny Belcher is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church.

We have already posted some video clips from our UC from September, and more is yet to be posted. So if you get a chance, stop by the website and check 'em out!

Please be in much prayer for UC, and it's workers, UC has grown leaps and bounds and continues to grow. May GOD continue to bless us, and may GOD continue to receive all the GLORY, HONOR, AND PRAISE for this special outreach tool HE HAS allowed us to be a part of!

Underground Church Simulation Game

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