Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sun Finder?

I came across this neat little gadget, it's called a Sunfinder. It is a simple device but it has an important use. It helps you aim your device at the sun. It's particularly important if you are using a solar cooker or a solar panel, even as in my case, a solar collector that needs to be directly pointed at the sun. If it's in direct line with the sun, the device will perform at its fullest potential.

I've watched the video, many times, it keeps amazing me with how simplistic it is. Now I'm still curious if it's length is important or not? If the Sun Finder is way short or way long, does that cause the device to be mis-aligned? Does it even matter about it's length? Well I asked that question and will report the results.

I'm hoping to make a new collector and it's going to be a "whopper" compared to what I've done in the past. I would like either two, 4' x 8' collectors side by side OR one 8' x 8'. Not sure which, just yet? But from the reading I've done, Bigger is Better! And NO MORE CANS! It seems that good ole window screen performs even better than cans or downspouts! Unbelievable!

I've seen the recorded results and it's still hard for me to grasp! But I still want to try it out and see for myself. Also, I'm going out, way out, with some ideas of my own. As most of you all know, that might NOT be a good thing! LOL

Once I get the collector together, and some tests run, I will post the results and the unconventional way I made it.

Here's a link to the site, that I seen the sun finder on,
Solar/Sun Finder

Let's just aay the guy knows his stuff! Excellent and Simple! We don't get alot of good ideas that are simple, brilliant and work! For the most part, these 3 things don't go together anymore.

Here's the video..

Til Next Time, and remember, "We're One Day Closer!"
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