Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Survival Kit #1

I have made some progress on the Emergency kit -- and its contents. Now this is for me and my family, you may need other things than these. Since the ice storm, I have had the mind set of "just in case". I think some time ago there were commercials and the guy's name was "Justin Case" LOL, not sure I think it was for an insurance company. Now that I have that mind set and I have several things on hand, there is probably a 99% chance that Western KY will never have another ice storm like we had in '09. I'm sure as you watch the video, you may be thinking you need this OR that. Understand, I'm about as slow as they come, I have to cipher over a "problem" or "idea" many times before things start to sink in. I like the idea of 5 gallon buckets as the storage unit for the survival kit, and one day I hope that will happen. With the bucket you can haul water if needed, it can be used as a sanitation device (if you know what I mean!), it can be a chair/stool too. Also you could put one of those, carpenters pouch belts on the outside of it for more storage, (don't know exactly what they call that thing) The REAL reason for this post and video are to be my reminders. I can always look at the post and video, to remind me of what I have and what I might still need to get. This is an ongoing process, like most, these items may need to change, may need to add new items or some may need to be removed. This is a series of videos, because it's hard to get all items into one video, without making it the length of a Blockbuster movie!! LOL If nothing else, I hope this will cause you to start thinking about what you might need in case the power goes out for an extended period of time. Til next time, Remember We're One Day Closer
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