Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Time Flies

I just realized it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything on the blog.  I understand more and more what Dad always said, "Time flies when you're having fun and even when you're not" - I believe in the last post, I showed you where I finally got around to hooking up the solar panels, well since then it's all been taken down, for now.   I had a tree that was right beside the shack, and well, it died (it never has been right since the ice storm of 09) and I had it cut down.  But before they did that, I took the time to unmount the solar panels, just in case!  And of course, I haven't had a chance to put them back up.  During all of this, I think my charge controller has bit the dust, not sure how, when or why, it just did or seems to have.  When I touch the LED screen, it makes the numbers change?  It showed my batteries were getting 16.5 volts from the panels?  ( 2 little 40 watt panels?) So I've bought another charge controller, and new solar panel (180 watts this time) and waiting now for me to get motivated to install it.   By the way, the 180 watt solar panel cost me $10 more than the 2 - 40 watts panels did!! LOL  Now in all fairness, I've had the 40 watters for about 5 years now, so prices have come down considerably.  I will try to post the install of the new setup when it's completed, and also will try to post more often.  I have a bunch of NEW stoves, a new way to survive a power outage, and have a new interest, air guns!  This all started when I thought Hillary was going to be President and take all our guns away, well for the most part air guns are NOT guns!   (Think about that one for awhile...) They have so many benefits over a firearm, they're cheaper, they're easy to shoot, the ammo is almost FREE! and best of all they come straight to your front door when delivered!   So I guess I have lots of stuff I need to be posting...

Til Next Time, remember We're

One Day Closer.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Solar Shack Project

This was a long drawn out project. I watched countless YouTube videos, I watched many of them over and over again.  Just about every time I got my mind set on putting my plan into action I'd rewatch the video and that would cause me to second guess myself. I found the some of the supplies from my local Rural King, the wire, the charge controller, True value helped me with the all the hardware and connectors and such. I bought my solar panels from the guys at solar Blvd (solarblvd.com)   One of the videos I came across was about using aluminum bars as a combiner box and it actually worked! I have many friends with skills and they were kind enough to help me. So special thanks to Kenny for the panel mount design. Thanks to John and Chris for help with drilling, modifying and forethought.

I'm already thinking on how I can improve my setup. I've seen a better way of making a combiner box, and I'd like to be able to charge another battery or battery bank, so I'm thinking of putting in a switch. (Slow and Steady wins the race.)

 Til Next Time...
 One Day Closer..


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