Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Solar Shack Project

This was a long drawn out project. I watched countless YouTube videos, I watched many of them over and over again.  Just about every time I got my mind set on putting my plan into action I'd rewatch the video and that would cause me to second guess myself. I found the some of the supplies from my local Rural King, the wire, the charge controller, True value helped me with the all the hardware and connectors and such. I bought my solar panels from the guys at solar Blvd (   One of the videos I came across was about using aluminum bars as a combiner box and it actually worked! I have many friends with skills and they were kind enough to help me. So special thanks to Kenny for the panel mount design. Thanks to John and Chris for help with drilling, modifying and forethought.

I'm already thinking on how I can improve my setup. I've seen a better way of making a combiner box, and I'd like to be able to charge another battery or battery bank, so I'm thinking of putting in a switch. (Slow and Steady wins the race.)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

KCab Stove - A Very Versatile Stove Indeed!

This is the K-Cab from MiniBullDesign. The 'K' stands for Kitchen and the cab is for compact alcohol burner, but around our house the 'K' stands for KING!   This stove is small enough to pack around (13 ounces probably way to heavy for back-packers) and big enough to bake cake, and bake pizza!!

The kit comes with the stove, the remote feed (a Heet Bottle remote), a simmer ring and a tool to be able to take the simmer ring on and off when it's needed. The pot stand pictured is separate and can be made with wire mesh.

Take a close look at the picture, see the Heet Bottle remote, and the three legs that are there for support, simply amazing, ain't  it??   I like it alot.

The price for the complete kit is $145 + $5 shipping, which may seem a little high but these things are built from scratch!  For me, this is the ultimate stove for power outages, it can cook most anything you can think of.   I've cooked bacon and eggs, pizza, hamburgers, pancakes and the food came out as good as using our big stove in the kitchen.   I use this alot out on the deck during the summer months, because the kitchen stove heats up the house terribly.

I have had great results with it, I've cooked breakfast for a bunch of guys and ran the stove for almost 2 hours and still had fuel left.  Now this might not be the stove for you, but there are many, many more to choose from at .   If nothing else visit Tinny's site and look around, and see if get's you thinking about what you can do.   You may come up with something yourself, I did.  I will try to share that with you soon.


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