Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sawdust Stove Build #1

This is my first attempt of building a sawdust stove. I have seen a video on youtube by MrSamrocket...

This is a much bigger, better, and massive stove than I made. But I do want to try and build a big one. But first, small scale is the way to go. In lots of other countries, many use the sawdust stove to cook on..

I finally got some sawdust and some tins, so there's was nothing left to keep from trying it. ("Biggest barrier is yourself!", inside joke only a select few will appreciate that..LOL)

Basically, the sawdust stove, is the most simple type stove I've tried to build. You need very little..a tin can, or steel bucket, some type of pipe, steel, pvc, etc., something to pack the sawdust with (I used a small sledge hammer), a small amount of sand, and something to ignite the sawdust.

So here's what I did. I found the center (just eye balled it) of the tin, and then took my pipe and drew a circle around the circumference of the pipe. I took some scissors, a knife and some tin snips and cut out the circle. I set the stove on two firebricks. I then, put the pipe inside the stove, it rested on the ground. I then put the sawdust in..filled up about 1/3 of the tin, and then packed it with the sledge, did that 2 more times and now my stove is full. I then made me a firestarter, and slid it under to the center of the hole. That's it!

I think, if I remember right, you should get about 3 hours of free, non-attended heat from this size tin. (the bigger the tin, can or barrel, the longer the fire)I also have been told, that a short, wide tin will burn longer than the tall, slender ones (more mass I think).

The video below shows the process, I hope you decide to try it yourself. I mean if it's STU-PROOF, anyone can do it.

More stove builds coming..
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