Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Big Lots Pot Stand

I like going to Big Lots! They have all kinds of odds and ends, you never know what you might find! I'm always looking at "stuff" and trying to figure out what it could be used for (other than its intended I seen this thing! I had no idea what it was. And when I first seen it immediately this picture popped into my head..."Pot Stand"!

I stared and glared at it, for what seem like an eternity. My wife doesn't like it when I "go off into my own little world", she knows I'm thinking..and that leads to.. well you know. I was trying to think if my can stove would fit inside the middle of it...couldn't determine if it'd work or not just by looking. So I looked at the price.hmmm $3, I figured I couldn't go too wrong for $3. So I purchased it, and proudly packed it to the car, and that's when a little bit of my thunder was ruined by my wife.

She wanted to see what I purchased (normal routine inspection) She said do you know what you bought? "Of course I do, a pot stand!", I said. She said, "Nope!" "What do you mean nope?", I answered. "You just bought yourself a BEER CAN CHICKEN COOKER!", she was laughing the entire time! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! So I immediately ripped off the tag! Now it's back to being a pot stand!

I couldn't wait to try it out! It worked! It was perfect! It had a wide bottom base, and a smaller top. Ok since it's a beer can chicken cooker, let's analyze this shall we? OK, the cooker part, that means it's made for heat! And the beer can part, ok, that means that a beer can should fit inside the middle...well it's not a beer can, it's a coke can! So this is a win-win all the way around!

The Video is short and too the point. But take a close look at it, it couldn't be, work or do the job better, if I had constructed it myself! After I showed my buddy, Jon Hall, he said..if you had a big skillet or something, you could turn it upside down, and use that way! AND HE'S RIGHT..IT WORKS FINE LIKE THAT! One thing you do lose, using it that way, is now your base is really small, so you gotta be extra careful, cuz now she's top heavy, but it will work that way.

Okay, now follow me here: When that top ring gets hot, that heat will travel on those braces down to the bottom of the pot stand, heat that up, and there's "nubs" that stick out of the bottom to hold the can, so now that get's heated up, and then returns that heat to the bottom of the can, to help put more heat on the alcohol! Now I'm not 100% sure that's what happens but it sure sounds good..right?

Til next time..

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