Tuesday, August 23, 2005

[Welcome To Snipeville. Home of eBay's Free Auction Sniper.]

Snipeville is AWESOME!!   And some of you suggested that I put all of these "tips" as you call them, where others can see and benefit from them.  So I'm going to try and start doing that!  Snipeville does eXactly what it sounds like it is doing.   It Snipes eBay Bids for you!!  I like it because I can 'set it and forget it!!', I heard that from the Ronco man...when he was selling the Rotissere.  They also have a button/shortcut (depending on your browser) that will allow you to schedule a 'snipe' while you're surfing eBay.  You find something you want, you click the button/shortcut up pops a pop-up window (it's a good kind of pop-up) you can then login to your Snipeville account, and setup that item to be Sniped!!  It's GREAT!   And best of all this guy is doing it for FREE!  Now you know I wouldn't be doing it, if it wasn't for FREE!!  Heee Heeee!  Try it out, you'll be glad you did!

Til Next time!

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