Monday, March 28, 2005

Back Porch Roof

Well...we've started the roof process....we've had the back porch and overhang replaced this past Friday and Saturday. It looks GREAT! They used some kind of flashing and a commercial grade roof material. It looks great and last night it came a terrential flood here and it didn't leak one drop. Hurray!

However, we still have to get the front roof replaced because that has not been fixed..yet. And since it came a terrential rain last night, we did get some more leaking going on in the living room....but we are supposed to get an estimate for that ....hopefully today! And we're supposed to have 2 good days of weather (tomorrow and Wednesday)

I hope that, 2 days is enough time to do the front roof.....I guess time will tell.

Til next time.......
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