Saturday, July 30, 2005


Mepis Linux is a Linux distro for the 21st century. I am very, very impressed! And for you folks that know me, know that it has to be good for me to say that! I was so impressed that I 'dumped' my Mandrake 10!! I've been using Mandrake since 6.0, so this is a very, very good distro for me to throw Mandrake to the wind.

This distro may be the first distro that I actually might buy the REtail version! It finds all my hardware, it has some of the best choices for software that I've seen in a long, long time. It have the latest Gaim (instant messenger), K3B (cd/dvd burning software), Firefox (great browser), KPilot (palm pilot software), some great games, and Open Office (a Microsoft Office equivalent) It's default window manager is KDE 3.3.1, of course this requires alot of RAM, I would say no less than 192 meg, the more the merrier. I am running Mepis with 320 meg of ram, and it peforms quiet nicely.

This distro is definitely worth a look. Especially if you are a Windoze user wanting to make the switch to Linux. This would be the distro that I would suggest. Very impressive! Take a look for yourself...go to Mepis Linux Now don't just skim it thoroughly.

Mepis is available as a Live CD, meaning you can run this distro from a CD and not touch your harddrive. Also on this CD, once you get it up and running you'll see the icon 'Install Mepis', and it will then start the process to install Mepis to the Harddrive.

Give'r a shot, you'll be glad you did!

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