Monday, February 14, 2005

Long Time No See/Hear

It's been quite some time, since I've posted anything....

And alot has happened since my last post. In fact, nothing
is the same as it was.....hmmmmmmm but is it really ever like
it was.....(ponder that)...

Brother is 1! Can't beleve it has been a year!! He's
starting to get into everything...he still doesn't have
walking down to a science..just yet, but he's close.

I've decided to try and cut out as many expenses as I can,
to get us into a budget, that will allow some saving to do,
and to get us out of debt ASAP!

I never really thought about it....but let me tell you this...
It's something you need to set down and put a pencil to...
I couldn't believe at some of the 'totals' I came up with.

And then....of course, Dr. Tony Evans has been having a
series of sermons on Stewardship....and that is far from
"STU"wardship. Also, we are "BOUNCING" once again, between seems like everyone we try to attend, has some
kind of politics in it....and I'm tired of that.

Also, my job is starting to pickup again, and most of my time
is spent behind the "WINDSHIELD", and then trying to keep
everything/everyone in line...takes alot of time.

We're still in the same place, we've been here for almost
10 years now, and I don't think we'll be moving anywhere...
anytime soon. We're considering doing some remodeling, and
perhaps LORD willing, even an addition. But only GOD knows
if that will transpire, and if it is HIS WILL ....IT WILL.

Well, gotta go for now, gotta checkin at Work..and make sure
all is well..

Until next time...
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