Sunday, September 05, 2004

APPLE MAC OS X JAGUAR FullVersion 10.2 Operating System

eBay item 5718946588 (Ends Sep-07-04 10:33:02 PDT) - APPLE MAC OS X JAGUAR FullVersion 10.2 Operating System

Does anyone know where I might get a full retail copy of OS X, I have beeen considering for some time now, to upgrade my G3 to OS X. I spoke with one of our local gurus, here in Madisonville, and I told him of my problem with OS 9.2, and how that some times (all the time now) that my desktop does NOT completely load, and that all my windows are transparent, I see the outline of the window but nothing inside buttons, text, background his simple solution was to upgrade to

I've done some reading, and some testing of my own, and discovered that when I choose NOT to load extensions during boot desktop loads correctly, and all my windows appear correctly...but with no extensions...I couldn't do anything because nothing was loaded...kina like safe mode for Windoze. my reading, I learned that if such happens...the long drawn out fix, is to add just one extension at a time..and then when the error reappears to then go back in and load all the extensions except the one causing the problem.

And I did just that. I was fortunate (no I was and am blessed), that I found the culprit on about the 10th extension that I added. It was the video acclerator that was the culprit...I should've guessed that being that the video was what wasn't loading correctly. However, I still have a question mark "?" on boot, and that flags some kind of problem, but I can do all I want to do and my windows appear I'm putting looking into the other problem (s) til a later time.

But, since, I think I would still like to upgrade to 10.2, the local guru, says that 10.2 is quite abit more stable and reliable than 9.2 ever thought about being. So I'm in the market for 10.2, I didn't realize just how expensive it was, still no where in comparison to the Mr Gates, I need another Billion Windows OS, but still abit more than a pore boy can afford. So I goto the world's largest rummage sale....
and that's where I have found this link, so I'm just waiting and hoping to win this auction and get 10.2 on my mac. But in the meantime, if you know of someone that would be willing to part with their MAC OS 10.2 version, I be willing to buy it, save some on shipping.

Til Next time (hopefully not to be as long to post the next one as this time)
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