Monday, September 06, 2004

MAC OS 10.2 this will be my 6th attempt to get this thing to work again. I've been trying to post for 2 days now, and can't seem to find out what's wrong. I've tried posting the same post 5 times so says it updated the blog but when I goto the still shows the post I made like 3 weeks ago. Anybody out there having any ideas on this one....also I post classifieds on a local host site, and I can fill out the information for the ad...we receive a confirmation email...I click on the confirmation link in the email...and it takes me to a different page than it should and my ad never gets added. Now I've tried on my host pc and my MAC...this may be network related because I got the same results on the MAC. for the topic..MAC OS 10.2

I have had some issues with the MAC for quite some time, and I was looking in the yellow pages, and found that we have a local MAC shop right here in Mad'ville. So, I thought..okay maybe these folks can tell me what's wrong. On boot the desktop does NOT load all the way, and my windows are transparent, only the outlines of windows show up. I called and the guy was pretty knowledgeable about the whole thing...he said he had heard of alot of problems but none specific to me. His simple solution was to install OS 10.2, that it was alot better than 9.2. So I thought okay...just find a cheapy on the net..and be done. Well OS 10.2 is not eXactly as cheap as I'd like for it to be. So I'm in the process of bidding on one on ebay. But I also have purchased a bood on OS 9.2, since I know absolutely nothing about MAC OS, and have done some reading, and found the way to possibly solve the problem..but it would be a chore...If you hold down the shift key...on will not load extensions..kina like safe mode in Windoze. The suggestion in the book said to add one eXtension at a time...and when the problem comes back -- that extension is corrupt or bad. So I decided to sit down and do it..cuz every time you add an have to it took awhile. But like on the 10 or 11th try I found the culprit. It was my video acclerator extension...and just turned it off and everything else back on and voila..we're back in business. Now on boot I still have a question mark that comes up...and I understand that means there's still a problem..but I haven't done anything about that yet, cuz I can do all I know to do now and that's good enough for me.

So now I'm about to hit the publish post button and see if all this typing that I just worth it or not!....Here it goes.
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