Sunday, July 11, 2004


We woke up and got ready for church. We had a great service!
Our pastor was out with an abcessed tooth! OUCH! We learned
about how we need to follow instructions. How GOD has laid
out for us the instructions to follow and all we have to do is READ
them and FOLLOW them.

The message was based on Joshua 6, when the Israelites were told
specific instructions on what to do and not do. Those instructions
were followed out to the 't' and through their obedience the walls
of Jericho came tumbling down!

Just think how many walls we could tear down if we would follow GOD's instructions. Hmmmmmmm something to think about.

We won't be going to church tonight. I have another meeting
with Crofton Baptist about the possibility of being their Youth Pastor.

Still NOT sure about this one, I think this is a test to see if I'm going
to follow GOD'S INSTRUCTIONS OR NOT. We'lll just wait and see!

Til Next Time....
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