Sunday, July 04, 2004


Have You Ever Tried Linux?

It's Great! It's Stable! It's FREE!

YES I SAID FREE!!!! You Can Download Different Distributions from
various sites. If you have 'dialup' internet, it will take several hours
and I would also recommend getting one of those download managers
so if something happens you can pick up where the download broke!

Also if you have 'dialup' I would recommend buy a CD, a cheap CD!!
Let's see Microsoft upgrade CD for XP something
like $99!! Okay for this Linux CD ( a complete OS, safe and secure
OS)....hmmm how 'bout $4.99, $5.99!!

I bought my first CD from Linux Central and paid a whopping $1.99
for Mandrake 6!! It was worth it! Just to try it! I've been hooked
ever since!!!

Now think about this!! Why would anyone spend let's say $199 for
XP Pro, and then $400 for XP Office, when I can get the same thing
for FREE! That's right most distros come with Open Office, that will
do Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and Frontpage for FREE!

Okay...I know...if you're like me you're chomping at the where
or how do I get this LINUX!

Okay...if you want to download a distro, I would recommend these sites:

Linux ISOs


Otherwise check out these sites for Cheap Linux CDs:

Almost Free Linux

Cheap Bytese

Budget Linux CDs

Linux Central
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