Friday, July 09, 2004

Feelin' Mighty LOW

Things were abit 'frazzled' yesterday. I spent more than half the day
down in Mayfield, KY. It's the last stop on the map, after you pass
Mayfield, you fall off the edge of the world!! LOL

I couldn't believe it, a simple printer swapout, turn out to be yet another FIASCO! And once finished at Mayfield, I made the 2 1/2 hour journey to the other side of the world, Clarksville TN. This Call was supposed to be a FIASCO...but when I got there...GOD, ALMIGHTY fixed it for me! Thank YOU LORD, I just reset the ELS and it came online and all was WELL!

After all that...I came in eXhausted and had a good supper. And then
'momma' went outside for something and she came back in and told me that the 'van' had a flat tire! So I had to get the 'dreaded' fleet service guide to call them and see what to do. They sent a guy from Kelly's Wrecker Service, and he could only change out the tire with the spare.

I ask him, if he could just patch the tire and not bother the flat. He told me that he could only change out the tire with the spare, he'z not allowed to patch or repair tires.

So after that FIASCO, I thought how am I going to get back down to Mayfield on a 'donut'! It wasn't a typical spare it was a full fledged tire! So I'm still looking to get the spare patched for later use.

After the tire FIASCO, I needed some air in the tire that was changed out, so I went to the gas station that takes my fleet card. I got some gas and some air which save me some time come this morning.

Well my fingers are starting to 'cramp' up, my old age is beginning to rise it's weary head again. So I'm going to rest now.

Til Next Time......

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