Saturday, April 10, 2010

Black & Decker Power Station

This is the very first item that was purchased to "help" in time of power outage! The Black & Decker Power Station, we got ours at the local Rural King, it was $99.99 but that day they were having a 10% off sale on we did save a little. It is really neat and performs just like it's advertised.


* High Powered Room Light
* 12 volt Recharging Port
* 25 watt outlet
* Locator Light
* Detachable Flash Light

The Room Light is strong enough to light up (really light up a room) our Living Room. The radio does really well, I listened to a Laker's ballgame on a LA, AM radio station! The 12 volt recharging port, we use it for charging up our cellphones. The 25 watt outlet, we use it to plug the scanner in while the power's off. I really like the locator light. It comes on automatically when the power goes off, and it lights up a room enough that you can see your way to it without tripping over something along the way. I also like the locator light, that if the power cord is not IN or making good thinks the power is out and comes on. This helps me to keep watch on it, so as to make sure it has plenty of charge when we really need it. The Detachble Flash Light is also a rechargeable flashlight, which I really like! There isn't any batteries, just the one inside that recharges! I guess you can replace them, but so far, in about 2 years, it continually works.

The Black & Decker Storm Station is available most anywhere, I did a "Google" for it and it was available at Amazon, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Rural King (or was), so basically most anywhere you can get one.

If you want to see a short video and some more details about the Black & Decker Power Station, check out the Black & Decker Website, just click on the link below.

Black & Decker Storm Station
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