Saturday, February 13, 2010

GRID not so reliable anymore...

After a couple of times in the past, where we were without power for an extended period of time, once for 4 days, and another without power for 9 days!! And since, it has happen twice, it seems probable to me, that it's likely to happen again...

So my "ultimate" goal would be to get completely off of the GRID!! That would be sooo great! However, I'm NOT the carpenter, builder, electrician, or anything else that a pro level of knowledge, experience, and talent that I think is needed to complete the task!

However, I have begun to read, research, investigate, "do it yourself" heat, electricity, etc., in case the extended power outage returns.

I've been watching lots of videos on You Tube. Some I have found out, are "faked" and still some are legit. I've been really interested in the videos which pertain to the Rocket Stove and to the Solar Heaters..

The Rocket Stove is amazing!! It's been around for 10 years or so, some have been using the "power" of the Rocket Stove for some time. Two Videos that you should look at yourself are...

Redneck Rocket Stove

16 Brick Rocket Stove

I've watched them over and over again, and I still can not believe how a simple design can make such a hot, clean fire!

Also...Solar Heaters

These are simply amazing heaters!! So simple, yet so powerful! I have watched many videos of the Solar Heaters, 3 videos you need to watch for yourself! (there are several more!)

This is the one I attempted..more later..

220 degree solar air heater for $100


The first and last video listed, are from Rich Allen, I think he's a part time rocket scientist!! LOL!! Watch his other videos, and judge for yourself! But after watching that first video, he convinced, even me, that I could do it..!!

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