Monday, June 14, 2004

Evening Report

It was a rough one today. It was "MONDAY" all day long!

A 'bunny' of a service call turned into a Fiasco! I spent,
I don't know how many minutes on the phone with TAC.
Also, another call came in that was supposed to be an
"in and out" kina was NOT. And it was way down
in Gallatin TN, and that's a 2 hour drive one way!

And then on the way home, there was construction on I-24,
just north of the TN state line, and traffice was backed up
for about 5 miles. Those 5 miles took about 35 minutes to get

And on top of all that...I've had a massive sinus headache
just about all day. It's beginning to ease off, but I can still
feel the remains of it. But other than that...everything's lovely!

One Day Closer...That's All That Matters....
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